The 2007 Michelin Challenge Bibendum

I’ve never heard of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum until now but the following explanation from the Challenge Bibendum web site explains why this event is of great interest to Envirofuel readers.

Challenge Bibendum, created by Michelin in 1998, is a unique event for the promotion of sustainable road mobility. The event is a concerted effort by pre-eminent players in the automotive world – vehicle manufacturers, technical partners, energy suppliers and research institutes – to provide political and economic decision makers, as well as opinion leaders, with insights and in-depth understanding on the latest advanced vehicle technology to help achieve a more fuel-efficient, cleaner, safer and freer-flowing road mobility.

The test and evaluation is conducted in the form of a rally program. There are three vehicle categories: passenger cars, utility vehicles (delivery trucks and urban buses) and urban vehicles (urban cars and urban motorized vehicles).

Audi A5 3.0 TDI

Fuels used in this year’s Bibendum, in no particular order, were:

  • electricity
  • hydrogen
  • LPG
  • B30 biodiesel
  • gas-to-liquids synthetic diesel
  • petrol
  • E85 ethanol
  • E10 ethanol
  • biomass-to-liquid synthetic diesel
  • SunDiesel® synthetic diesel
  • CNG

This year’s rally was held mainly on the public roads in Shanghai, China with sections on highways, local roads and streets in built-up-areas. The tests are divided into two categories, performance and environmental. Performance tests include acceleration and maneuverability while the environmental tests cover local pollution, noise, fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Interestingly Audi and Mercedes Benz/Smart are both trumpeting their success at this year’s Bibendum. Audi with their A5 3.0 TDI with ultra low emission system running on synthetic diesel and Mercedes with the E 300 BLUETEC running on fossil diesel.

Here you can find the Audi and Mercedes press releases but if you want an unbiased view of the outcome, and can decipher a few acronyms, the published results are the best bet.

Source: AutoblogGreen, Daimler, Michelin Challenge Bibendum


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