Honda fuel cell car to go on sale in the US in 2008

Honda unveiled the FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show, at the same time announcing plans to begin limited retail marketing of the vehicle in the US in 2008.

Honda FCX Clarity

The FCX Clarity is a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle powered by the highly compact, efficient and powerful Honda V Flow fuel cell stack. The new FCX offers improvements to driving range, power, weight and efficiency. Due to the compact nature of the V Flow fuel cell stack and propulsion system Honda have been able to create a low-slung vehicle previously unachievable in a fuel cell vehicle.

The FCX Clarity boasts a number of significant advances in the performance and packaging of Honda fuel cell technology, compared to the current-generation FCX. These include:

  • a 20-percent increase in fuel economy (approximate equivalent of 3.5L/100km combined cycle)
  • a 30-percent increase in vehicle range to 435km
  • a 25-percent improvement in power-to-weight ratio
  • a 45-percent reduction in the size of the fuel cell powertrain
  • a new lithium-ion battery pack that is 40 percent lighter and 50 percent smaller
  • a single 5,000-psi hydrogen storage tank with 10 percent additional hydrogen capacity

American Honda plans to lease the FCX Clarity to a limited number of retail consumers in Southern California with the first deliveries taking place in summer 2008. Current plans call for a three-year lease term with a price of USD600 per month, including maintenance and collision insurance.

American Honda is also developing a service infrastructure that provides customers with the best balance of convenience and the highest quality of service. When the FCX Clarity requires periodic maintenance, customers will simply schedule a visit with their local Honda dealer. American Honda will transport the vehicle to their fuel cell service facility, located in the greater Los Angeles area, where all required work will be performed. At the completion of the work, the customer will pick up their car from the dealer.

This is a start but it isn’t too hard to work out that we won’t be seeing the FCX here in Australia for many years yet.

Source: Honda via


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