Ethtec constructs cellulosic ethanol pilot plant in NSW

Using technology developed in collaboration with the University of Southern Mississippi, the Tennessee Valley Authority and the University of New South Wales, Apace Research has developed and demonstrated cellulosic ethanol technology at laboratory and mini-pilot plant scale.

Ethtec, a Willmott Forests company, has commenced construction of a pilot plant near Maclean in Northern New South Wales to further develop and commercialise the Apace Research technology. Their plan is to use wood residues (including pine), bagasse and other lignocellulosic materials for the production of ethanol.

Among Ethtec’s goals are:

  • The conversion of cellulose to sugars at a significantly lower cost than competing methods.
  • Eliminating the liquid waste stream from ethanol production thereby significantly reduce the environmental impact of ethanol distilleries.
  • Dramatically improving the energy balance of ethanol production, with accompanying reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Late 2008 is the target Ethtec have set themselves to achieve this. You can read more here.

Source: Ethtec via the North Queensland Register


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