Energetix rebadged as BioMax

In a previous post I explained that Energetix, part of The Victor Smorgon Group, produce a lot of biodiesel at their North Laverton facility. That post went on to say that The Victor Smorgon Group has licensed an algae based emissions-to-biofuels technology from Greenfuels and that Energetix are trialling the Greenfuels technology at the Hazelwood power station.

A recent article in the Star sounded very familiar but it referenced a company called BioMax instead of Energetix. A quick search of the web for BioMax discovered that Energetix has been rebadged as BioMax and that BioMax biodiesel is manufactured by Smorgon Fuels Pty Ltd.

Information on BioMax’ use of algae-to-biofuels is scarce. I’m not sure much has changed since I wrote about this in June. If you have any news please let us know.

Source: Energetix, BioMax


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