Linc Energy moves to clean up its coal-to-liquids

Linc Energy has formed a Joint Venture (JV) with BioCleanCoal to develop a bioreactor which will convert CO2 into oxygen and solid biomass through a photosynthesis process. The aim is to permanently and safely remove CO2 from Linc Energy’s coal-to-liquids processes thereby preventing it from entering the atmosphere.

BioCleanCoal is a Queensland based biotechnology company that is specialising in the breeding and propagation of useful algae and plant species for the conversion of CO2 to oxygen and biomass. Their sister companies Bio Adapt International and BioFuelGenomics have already established a track record in this field.

Linc Energy will spend $1million over the next twelve months on the development of a prototype unit which the partners aim to have operating at Linc Energy’s Chinchilla site. This is the same site where Linc Energy is developing and constructing an Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) to Gas to Liquids (GTL) facility (previous post).

Peter Bond CEO of Linc Energy Ltd said:

The Joint Venture with BioCleanCoal and the bioreactor technology we are jointly developing are important parts of Linc Energy’s business plan. Linc Energy owns its own coal assets and has the capacity to gasify that coal into cost effective gas via its UCG process. We also have the capacity to significantly monetise that gas into diesel or jet fuel via the GTL process. With this JV, Linc Energy has fulfilled one of its final aims of ensuring that whatever Linc Energy does, it now does so with as small a greenhouse gas footprint as possible, effectively putting Linc Energy at the forefront of clean coal and in particular coal to liquids.

In addition to being extremely excited about the environmental benefits of this technology, the commercial outlook for this JV should not be underestimated. It will allow Linc Energy to produce clean ‘green’ power and oil (diesel) from coal, in a greenhouse friendly way, which is truly one of the ultimate aims of clean coal companies. Linc Energy is also confident that this technology can be retrofitted to existing power stations and industrial facilities and as such, offers a significant commercial opportunity to the Company.

Source: Linc Energy (thanks for the tip Geoff)


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