Camelina based biodiesel to be produced in the US

Targeted Growth, a Seattle based renewable energy bioscience company, and Green Earth Fuels, a Houston based biodiesel company have announced the formation of a joint venture called Sustainable Oils. The new venture will produce and market up to 375 million liters of Camelina-based biodiesel by 2010.

Camelina, a distant relative to Canola, can grow on marginal land, requires minimal water or fertilizer, and can be harvested with traditional equipment.

Targeted Growth has spent years applying its suite of yield and trait technologies to Camelina to create the first Elite Camelina Seed. The result is a 20 to 40% increase in yield and oil tailored for use in biodiesel production.

Camelina sounds ideal for Australian conditions. I’ve done a quick search of the Weeds Australia Database and didn’t turn up anything so growing Camelina in Australia might just be possible.

Source: Targeted Growth (thanks for the tip Geoff)


3 Responses

  1. Hi–we own 200 acres of wonderful Montana land and wonder about contracting to grow camolina…??

  2. Hi Rita,
    If you look at the Sustainable Oils home page, at the bottom it says:
    “If you are interested in planting Camelina in 2008, or would like to be included in future updates, please call us at 406-587-1218.”
    Good luck. If you could leave another comment here with the outcome that would be great.


  3. Rita,

    A great option to research is contracting with The Camelina Company. We’ve been contracting with MT growers for the past two years to grow camelina and have a decade of research experience with the crop. Please feel free to check out our Web site, or call me, 406-949-8488. Good luck!


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