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E10 now available at 200 Caltex service stations

Caltex has announced that it has reached a new milestone with its ethanol blended petrol now available at over 200 Caltex supplied sites in Eastern Australia.

Bio E10 Unleaded, which contains 10 percent ethanol blended with regular unleaded petrol, is sold in the Caltex network from Canberra to Cairns, with the product offered at 114 sites in New South Wales, 81 in Queensland and 6 in the ACT.

Caltex Managing Director and CEO Des King said:

Achieving the 200 site milestone for Bio E10 Unleaded is a great achievement for Caltex and our customers. It demonstrates Caltex’s commitment to the development of Australia’s fledgling biofuels industry.

Read the full press release.

Details of sites selling Bio E10 Unleaded can be found here.

Source: Caltex via FarmOnline


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  1. i want to take lease a petrol staion please sand me information how to i take lease

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