Biotruck to drive from the UK to Timbuktu on chocolate biofuel

In three days time a team from the UK will start a 6,000km journey from the the UK all the way to Timbuktu in Mali to prove to the general public that biodiesel is a viable fuel that can be used in any diesel engine. So what you say. Regular readers will already know that a couple of Aussies have driven 11,000km across on Australia on vegetable oil (previous post). Well, the Biotruck expedition is a little different. The biodiesel they are using is made from waste vegetable oil mixed with a bio-ethanol made from waste chocolate!

Biotruck Sahara expedition

UK company Ecotec have developed a method of producing ethanol from waste chocolate on an industrial scale. The chocolate, from a factory close to Ecotec, was previously dumped in landfill.

The Biotruck team will be driving a 1989 Ford Iveco Cargo flatbed truck that will be carrying two mid 80’s Landcruisers and 1500ltrs of fuel. The truck gives the expedition the fuel carrying capacity to tackle the 6000km drive through France , Spain , Morocco and Mauritania to a small town called Douenza in Mali , 200km short of Timbuktu. From Douenza there is a difficult rutted and sandy track that requires 4-wheel-drive, so Biotruck will be parked, Landcruisers offloaded, filled with the remaining biodiesel and driven to Timbuktu. Sweet!

You can follow the Biotruck journey here.

Source: Biotruck via SMH


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  2. Good combination -Waste chocolate and Waste vegetable oil is used. Moreover, this will reduce the burden of disposing these waste for dumping in Landfill. Anyway, we should check out with actual processing cost and quantum of such alternate fuel that can be made available.

    Vaibhav Satpute

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