Mission Biofuels produces its first biodiesel in Malaysia

Mission Biofuels has announced that the commissioning of its Malaysian biodiesel plant is progressing extremely well. The biodiesel plant is currently in operation and is producing biodiesel that meets international specifications.

The plant has undergone a gradual ramp-up over the last 3 weeks and is currently operating at 100% of its nameplate capacity of 300 tonnes per day (100,000 tonnes per year). Approximately 2,500
tonnes of biodiesel has been produced to-date.

Managing Director, Nathan Mahalingam said:

We are elated that the Crown process technology is working as expected, as this has been the bane of many recent biodiesel plant commissionings using other technologies. Furthermore, achieving 100% nameplate capacity quite effortlessly indicates to me that the plant has more grunt and could perform at higher levels once stabilized. The Biodiesel produced is clear, shiny and devoid of impurities and particulates.

The first shipment of 5,000 tonnes of biodiesel has been slated for 15 December 2007 in conjunction with the official opening ceremony of the plant by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Interestingly, at the bottom of the press release it says that Mission Biofuels will initially use palm oil as the feedstock for its biodiesel plants in Malaysia. However, they are rapidly developing its upstream feedstock business in India, which is focusing on Jatropha Curcas. Jatropha will ultimately replace palm oil as the feedstock for Mission Biofuel’s biodiesel plants.

Source: ASX (thanks for the tip Sreenivas)


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