India to produce bio-CNG from sugarcane

With the help of a European development bank, a German gas company and a German energy research organisation, three sugar factories from Maharashtra, India, will produce a biogas transport fuel made from sugarcane biomass.

Biogas can be produced efficiently from any type of biomass via anaerobic digestion. The renewable gas contains around 60 to 70% methane (CH4) with the remainder being CO2 with minor amounts of contaminants and trace gases. For it to be used as a transport fuel in vehicles as a replacement for CNG, it has to be upgraded, with the CO2 scrubbed out. The fuel then becomes ‘bio-CNG’, a very clean, renewable gaseous energy source. The fuel is already being used on a relatively large scale in Europe, most notably in Sweden, Austria and Germany.

Source: Biopact (thanks for the tip Geoff)


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