Is E85 going to be available in Australia?

Up until know I have been quietly ignoring the fact that the Saab BioPower is being sold in Australia. After all, what is the point of buying a car optimised for E85 when you can’t buy the stuff here. There is even a disclaimer on the bottom of the Australian BioPower web page saying “E85 not currently available in Australia or New Zealand”.

So when I read on Drive this morning that E85 is about to go on sale in Sydney and Melbourne it made me sit up and take notice. Will BioPower owners soon be able to run their cars on the fuel they are designed to use? Will that fuel be at AUD1.00 per litre as suggested by Drive?

Saab BioPower 95

Admittedly Drive have said that E85 will initially be sold at one service station in Sydney and one in Melbourne by United Petroleum in 2008. No announcement appears to have been made by United but you would have to assume that they have plans to increase the number of E85 retail outlets beyond two. The cynic in me suggests Saab have had a hand in this but I really don’t know. There are any number of flex-fuel vehicles in production in Europe and the US that use E85 so maybe United think more will be imported into Australia in the near future.

Source: Drive


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  2. the oil companies in australia are doing a great job in educating the community in telling us that e85 is no good for the engine when australia export e85 ready cars and engines.

  3. Edward,

    I must admit I was completely unaware that Australia exports E85 ready cars. Which of the manufacturers is producing these and where are they selling them?


  4. Umm.. Holden 🙂

  5. Umm… what about Holden? 🙂

    Producing a flex-fuel vehicle is one thing. Having the fuel to run it on (in Australia) is another. I still haven’t heard of any of the fuel companies selling E85 and it may actually be against the law.

    Until we have E85 vehicles and readily available E85 fuel any talk of flex-fuel or E85 vehicles is really just marketing.


  6. Was just replying about the companies who make E85 ready cars.

    Also, 2 fuel stations are selling E85 in a 60km radius of where I live. I have 20L of it at home I brought a couple of weeks ago to use to tune with. We’ve been cutting it 10% with v-power to make our own 101.

    It’s around plenty, it’s just not at any major chains yet.

    It cost me 99.9c/L.

  7. Oh so where is this place? i’ve been trying to get hold of E85 for a while

    Holden have been exporting alcohol fuel cars to Brazil for about a decade now

  8. Santos,

    See Have you found E85 for sale in your area?

    Adam has provided me with more information. I just haven’t managed to post it. It turns out the only way to get E85 is to join a trial being run by the Manildra owned service stations. The pumps are under lock and key because as far as I know it is not legal to sell E85 in Australia.


  9. I recently contacted United Petroleum to ask them when they plan on making E85 available…

    They told me that they hope to have it up and running at their 127 Victoria Rd Rozelle NSW servo by the end of April.

    fingers crossed.

  10. Does anyone know whether the Virginia station here in Brisbane is serving E85 yet? Or anywhere else in Brisbane? I take delivery of my SAAB BioPower tomorrow (YAY!) and although I can put any ethonol blend in it (unlike most other new Eurpoean cars) I’d like to try some E85 in it.

  11. Why not buy a ‘Full Flex’ conversion kit for $1000 & convert your current car to run on ethonal & then make your own fuel. At least until someone pulls their finger out of their #*$$!

  12. Lets see the Govt pull their finger out of their #$&^ and support the ethanol industry. There is still heaps of mis-information about bio-fuels getting around. Lets see the state and federal governments lead the way, buying and running a fleet of flex/e85 cars on some e85.

    And yes, lets see them lift the ban on fuels containing more than 10% ethanol. As far as i’m aware the only way servos can sell the stuff is by marketing it as ‘e85’ and not calling it fuel in any way…..

  13. United in Hoppers Crossing has an e85 fuel pump. It is selling now for 99.7c. I have been there several times to use e85 in my BA Falcon, using a mix of e85 and normal unleaded to get it down to e30. So far I have seen an “increase” in mileage per tank and the car is certainly more zippy. If anyone knows of a shop that does a Flex kit for the Falcon (so that I can use e85 completely), please let us know…

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