MTECH Fuel Saver available in Australia

Fleetsafe have begun distributing the MTECH Fuel Saver in Australia. The MTECH Fuel Saver (MTSF) is a device that is designed to reduce fuel consumption (petrol and diesel) and exhaust emissions by changing the properties of the fuel in your vehicle’s tank. While the target market is primarily fleet operators or owner/operators of vehicles with large annual fuel costs there seems no reason why any vehicle owner could not benefit from the claimed fuels savings of up to 25% and emissions reductions of up to 50%.

The MTSF breaks the intermolecular forces that bind molecules together. This results in the change of aggregation of fuel molecules from clusters to single molecules. The result is better atomization of the fuel, which provides a greater surface area to make contact with air, leading to far greater fuel efficiency. This in turn increases horsepower, reduces fuel consumption, reduces carbon build-up and reduces toxic and greenhouse exhaust emissions.

So, does it work? We don’t know but a couple of Aussies are quoted on the Moletech web site as being happy customers. Moletech are claiming:

The results are validated by California Environmental Engineering – Center for Environmental Research. It is both United States EPA recognized and CARB certified.

They point to the following paragraph in the CEE report as further evidence:

The results of the limited but decisive test series is considered noteworthy and verifies with a high level of confidence the viability of the technology while indicating that more dramatic improvement could be expected and achieved with time. The device, as tested, provided results that are more dramatic than similar technologies previously evaluated.

While being wary of miracle fixes we’d be very interested to hear from anyone who uses this product.

Update (07 Jan 08): An article in the SMH entitled Fuel saver no snake oil provides more background information.

Source: Moletech via Australasian Bus & Coach


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  1. This is just one more way for the oil industry to keep us using their fuels and not switching over to or considering other options. Sure it’s greener, but there are much greener possibilities than it as well.

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