BioBike gets attention

In 2006 a group of University of Adelaide students began designing a motorcycle that ran on biodiesel. That motorcycle, the BioBike, has just competed in the Greenfleet Technology Class of the 2007 Panasonic World Solar Challenge.

BioBike in the World Solar Challenge

The BioBike team has been awarded the best environment profile in the Greenfleet Technology Class because the bike emitted only 71 grams of CO2 per kilometre, and used 3.5 litres of biodiesel per 100 kilometres.

The BioBike uses a Yanmar L48AE diesel engine fitted to a Husaberg frame. The ABC is reporting that the bike is getting a lot of attention from farmers due to its ability to run on diesel. With diesel and biodiesel being the preferred fuel for farming the benefits of a diesel powered agricultural motorcycle are obvious and the commercial potential has been recognised by the BioBike team.

Source: ABC News, AdelaideNow


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  2. 3.5l./100km in real language is about 76mpg – I think one or two of the cars did better than that. More to the point, diesel bikes have been available in the UK in limited numbers for years (Enfield frame from India, Fuji Robin diesel) and 160mpg seemed quite routine. Or consider the work by ecycle of Pennsylvania – diesel hybrid prototypes getting 200mpg!

    Sorry, but the Biobikes efforts seem a bit weak. I get a lot more out of my CT110 (which I don’t consider very economical compared to the C90) and that’s a nineteen mile each way commuter with eighteen sets of traffic lights and freeway. I don’t think the Biobike would measure up very well against the militray spec’ diesels in the USA and Europe, either.

  3. Hmmm, based on hearing that every gallon of gasoline used up in vehicles emits 19 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air… they’re saying that it gets over 121kms/gallon…. but based on the litres/km factor, it’s about half that much. What this means is that the bike is emitting half as much as it would itf it were running on gasoline. Remember, it’s not just about how far you go or how much it burns, it’s about how much you’re polluting!

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