Good reading on Australian alternative and biofuels

The September edition of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) magazine ATSE Focus is devoted to alternative fuels and energy. Two articles stand out:

XTL: the proven alternative (by David Trimm)

It seems fairly certain that XTL (‘anything’ to liquids, including GTL, CTL and BTL) – the proven route to alternative fuels – will be introduced in Australia. There are certainly difficulties to overcome, some of them peculiar to the Australian situation, but security of supply issues coupled to balance of payments inequities would seem to necessitate the establishment of a synfuel production industry within the foreseeable future.

Biofuels in Australia. How prospective? (by John Wright)

The Australian Government has set a biofuels target of 350 million litres (ML) by 2010 and indications are that this target will be exceeded1. However, this equates to less than one per cent of Australia’s total transport fuel demand and at this level it will remain a niche industry with limited prospects.

You can download the September edition of ATSE Focus here.

Source: ATSE via ScienceAlert


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