Volkswagen 1L/100km car to go into production

Back in 2002 VW revealed their super efficient concept car. The car was dubbed the 1-Liter because that was how much fuel it used to travel 100km. Following a change in management at the top of VW the 1-Liter project was canceled. Another change in management has seen the 1-Litre return, this time to the production agenda with Chairman Martin Winterkorn confirming statements by Volkswagen executives that the project will be resurrected with the aim of having the car in production by 2010.

Volkswagen 1-Liter

The fuel efficiency requirements necessitated a small frontal area which led to an unusually narrow and very flat body form being chosen. The car is 3.47m long, 1.25m wide and just over a metre high with the two occupants sitting in tandem. The 290kg concept was made carbon fibre composites whereas the production car will utilise magnesium which is even lighter.

The 1-Litre is powered by a 300cc one-cylinder diesel engine, positioned in front of the rear axle and combined with an automated direct shift 6-speed gearbox. The naturally aspirated, direct-injection diesel engine produces 6.3 kW (8.5 bhp) at 4,000 rpm and propels the car to a top speed of 120km/h.

The double wishbone front suspension and DeDion suspension at rear, low centre of gravity and low overall vehicle weight and the lightweight running gear reportedly results in very agile handling.

No price information has been supplied but Dr Ferdinand Piëch, Chairman of the Volkswagen Board, is being quoted in Braunschweiger Zeitung as saying:

I have spoken with a manufacturer. He believes he can deliver components within two years for €5,000 rather than €35,000. It then comes into the sort of territory where a normal customer can afford it. That was at my time not possible.

As stated on Edmunds: When Piëch proposed a 1,001-hp, 8.0-liter, 16-cylinder Bugatti-badged supercar capable of 252 miles per hour, few took him seriously. A 235-mpg car appears equally impossible. But no one’s laughing this time around.

Source: Edmunds, Motor Authority


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  1. The hybrid Peugeot and Citreon has pretty close fuel efficiency and is much more practical

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  3. @Daniel:
    Those hybrids have 4x the fuel consumption of the VW 1L. How can you call that ‘pretty close’?? Yes, the hybrids are more versatile, but the VW 1L is a much better choice as a single person commuter vehicle.

    I have some doubts about hybrids anyway. They use a lot of technology to increase the fuel efficiency just a little. I mean, THAT’s not going to save the world! And producing all that technology and material costs energy too!

    I love the fresh thinking of VW. A heavy all purpose four (or more) seater car like everyone seems to be driving is NEVER going to compete on terms of efficiency with a more specialized vehicle. For really revolutionary low fuel consumption, we need to make some concessions. Less space, less speed, less comfort, less extreme security measures help decrease the weight and the aerodynamic drag. For singles and couples without children, a two-seater like this is more than enough most of the time. If you need the extra room once in a while (or even every weekend), you can use car-sharing for that.

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  5. I read that i was design to run 100km with 0.83 liters but they added some security features and the car has gain some weight. This is the future small cars with low consumption… although I really like the car.. 🙂

  6. What about the 1988 volkswagen Scooter?. Fast, Good mileage, Good looking, Production ready. Yet it seems Volkswagen has tried to erase all traces of it


  8. None of this is new. In my younger days there was a similar German car called the Meschersmidt. (Spelling?) Like the VW1 the seats were in tandem and it too was designed similar to the cockpit of the plane from which it was designed. BMW made the Isetta, single door in the front and a bench seat that held two, with a BMW motorbike engine. We owned one of these for several years and was ideal as a second car. It literally ran on the smell of an oily rag and took up little parking space as you parked front into the kerb.
    There have been a number of electric cars in the past, but one could never purchase, only lease. They were so good that the authorities recalled them all and crushed them as the oil companies and Gov’ts were losing too much revenue! Even now a good diesel as in BMW’s 3 series are easily as economical as these hybrid things.
    Then we know of at least 3 water fuelled cars but again the inventors mysteriously dissappeared!!!!!

  9. If Volkswagen would merge the TDI and Hybrid technology in a more main stream car like the Jetta or Golf, it seems like they could get a super efficient car. Could you imagine a TDI / Hybrid that did 100mpg’s? That car would crush the competition.

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