O2Diesel’s ethanol-diesel blend getting good reports in California

O2Diesel Corporation reports that a third tenant of the Port of Long Beach has become the latest fleet operator to switch to O2Diesel™. The new customer, a major full-service container terminal operator and stevedore, has converted over 120 pieces of diesel powered equipment to O2Diesel™. O2Diesel™ is an ethanol-diesel blend that substantially reduces harmful emissions without sacrificing power and performance.

Alan Rae, CEO of O2Diesel Corporation said:

The decision by the operators at the Port of Long Beach to use O2Diesel™ to help reduce emissions is very important. We have worked hard at the Port of Long Beach to demonstrate that O2Diesel™ is a viable commercial solution for reducing the emissions normally associated with the use of regular diesel. By adopting O2Diesel™ as part of their environmental strategy, operators are demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to finding viable, environmentally responsible solutions to local air quality concerns.

O2Diesel™ has been used in the Port for nearly three years and has seen more than 1 million hours of use on several hundred pieces of equipment and vehicles, from forklifts to trucks to cranes.

The ability of O2Diesel(TM) to substantially reduce smoke, particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen (Nox) emissions has been verified by the California Air Resource Board (CARB). It has been the CARB verification and the Port’s own experience with O2Diesel™ that led the Port to send a letter to all its tenants encouraging the use of the fuel as part of a strategy to reduce emissions from Port operations.

Source: EARTHtimes.org


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