Bombardier hybrid train enters service in France

A new Bombardier train has entered service in France. While not technically a hybrid its dual-mode (electrical and diesel) and dual-voltage (1500 and 25000 V) technology enables the train, known as a Hybrid AGC, to cross the entire French railway network and to access electricity from any available source. This will result in energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions, as well as negating infrastructure constraints and the need for passengers to change trains.

Bombardier Hybrid AGC

The Hybrid AGC also dovetails with the sustainable-mobility agenda, enabling operators to streamline vehicle management, enhance service quality, and protect the environment. The latest variant in the AGC range is at the cutting edge of railroad technology. As of today, 21 French regions have ordered and/or operate 698 AGC regional express trains.

French National Railways will be operating the Hybrid AGC on Champagne-Ardenne lines between Paris – Troyes – Culmont and between Culmont – Saint-Didier – Vitry.

Source: Bombardier via Science


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  1. With rising fuel prices, this would be a good option.

    Vaibhav Satpute

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