306 more alternative fuel vehicles for UPS

United Postal Service (UPS) will expand its alternative fuel transportation fleet with another 306 vehicles to be deployed across Texas, Kentucky, Georgia and California.

The company will use 167 compressed natural gas trucks in Dallas, Atlanta and four California cities. UPS also will add 139 new LPG delivery trucks. They currently operate more than 800 LPG trucks in the U.S. The engines will produce 20 percent less emissions and use 10 percent less fuel than the cleanest diesel engines on the market.

UPS is introducing a biodiesel fuel initiative to power the ground support vehicles at its airhub in Louisville with the help of a $515,000 federal grant. This involves a 5 percent biodiesel fuel blend that will power its 366 ground support vehicles at the airport in early 2008.

Says Robert Hall, UPS’s director of vehicle engineering:

While there’s a great deal of interest in the research we’re doing with new types of hybrids, 70 years of testing alternative fuel vehicles has taught us there are multiple technologies that can effectively reduce our dependence on fossil fuels as well as our carbon footprint.

UPS also run diesel electric hybrids, hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles.

Source: GreenBiz.com


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