Orbital explore E100 performance

Perth based Orbital Corporation has developed a new combustion technology known as the Orbital Combustion Process (OCP™). Instead of using normal high-pressure injection to atomize the fuel, OCP™ uses an air-assisted, low-pressure direct fuel injection system. The OCP™ system creates a precisely-controlled, finely atomised fuel cloud allowing engines to run with greater fuel efficiently and with reduced emissions output.

Orbital are using their OCP™ technology to investigate the use of E100 in turbo-charged direct injection engines. From their paper entitled Initial Development of a Turbo-charged direct Injection E100 Combustion System:

Data indicate that the operation of a turbo-charged spray guide DI engine on pure ethanol can efficiently achieve very high specific output with some update to engine design. The ethanol direct injection or EDI approach shows overall significant potential for aggressive engine downsizing for a dedicated or dual-fuel solution.

Source: Green Car Congress, Orbital


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