Ethanol plant planned for Casino

Bio-En Australia plan to build an ethanol plant in Casino, NSW. The plant would initially produce about 80,000 litres of ethanol per annum from approximately 200,000 tonnes of locally-grown corn, wheat, sorghum and barley. The development of the plant has yet to receive council approval.


One Response

  1. I think Bio- en needs to realise that a first generation bioethanol plant in northern NSW is a joke. Have they not noticed the price increase in grain in Australia?
    Have they noted the large decrease in Austalias grain production?
    Hey, lets put more preasure on a comodity that at the moment is being felt by consumers and livestock producers.
    While the rest of the world has realised that first gen ethanol really is not a feasable option this company is persistent in pushing its agenda.
    It seems that they are pushing the whole regional development BLah, BLah to gain funding for this project. When really It will end up being another white elephant for the region, although I am sure someone will line their pockets.
    I am glad the Rudd government has pulled the pin on this one, eventhough $2million dollars wasnt going to go very far in building an ethanol production facility.

    Maybe they should invest their time and energy into second gen ethanol as a more sustainable approach.

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