Australian Trucking Association seeks operator input on emissions trading

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) is seeking to establish a network of truck operators across the nation from which they plan to draw knowledge during the ATA’s input into the design of the Australian Government’s emissions trading scheme (ETS).

As transport is destined for inclusion in the ETS the trucking industry is preparing itself for contributions to the development of the legislation and regulations. ATA Chief Executive Stuart St Clair says:

The ATA will fully participate in discussions with the Australian Government during the very detailed development process of designing the emissions trading scheme.

The trucking industry is faced with a very limited time frame in which they must absorb and respond to the comprehensive elements of the emissions trading design and legislative implementation.

The ATA is attempting to identify trucking companies that expect to be affected by the mandatory greenhouse gas and energy reporting legislation, outlined in the 2007 National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Bill, which passed through Parliament last month.

Source: Australasian Transport News, Australian Trucking Association


One Response

  1. The idea sounds good and I think this is really possible. I think there is not much problem on this one since they just want to track truck operators across the nation

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