UK to get 250 EV recharging points by March ’08

We know that EDF Energy and Toyota have teamed with the goal of setting up infrastructure for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle recharging (previous post). Now EDF Energy has joined forces with Elektromotive, manufacturers of recharging bays for electric vehicles, to providing 250 Elektrobay recharging systems to UK councils by 31 March 2008. Their aim is to make EVs more user-friendly and help people reduce the impact their driving has on the environment.

Elektrobay recharging system

Councils that have committed to installing the charging posts include Sheffield Borough Council, Islington Borough Council, Camden Council and Lambeth Council.

Peter Thorn, Head of Innovation and Partnerships at EDF Energy comments:

As concern for the environment grows, motorists are no longer only interested in what their car looks like, or how fast it can go. The research shows that drivers are increasingly demanding transport options that don’t have such a detrimental effect on the world we live in.

EDF Energy recognises the role EVs can play in helping reduce the 85 million tonnes of CO2 our motor vehicles emit each year, which is why we’ve joined forces with Elektromotive to call on local councils to help make these vehicles a more viable alternative for motorists in the UK.

Source: EDF Energy via Gizmodo


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