Desert Trek report released – 11,000km on vegetable oil

In a previous post we told you about the 11,000km trek across Australia that Alex Thorogood and Chris Lanham were undertaking in a Toyota Hilux running on vegetable oil.

Desert Trek Hilux

Alex and Chris have returned from their successful journey and have published a report that shows how their vegetable oil system works and highlights some of the successes and failures they encountered along the way. If you are thinking of running a diesel on vegetable oil you can learn a lot from what Alex and Chris experienced on their journey across Northern Australia.

A number of Envirofuel readers have been eagerly awaiting this report so we really appreciate the fact that Alex has personally notified Envirofuel that it has been published. We look forward to the next veggie oil adventure!

More information on the Desert Trek can be found by following the Desert Trek links on the Energy-Wise web site.

Source: Alex Thorogood



5 Responses

  1. […] you can learn a lot from what Alex and Chris experienced on their journey across Northern more | digg […]

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  3. Thanks for the posting luke
    looks good I want to give it ago
    thanks Mal

  4. Thank you
    my veggie car is up and running and smells great.
    I am able to collect enough oil and use the desert trek filter system to supply my weekly needs.

    The system design works well and I was able to use the same parts and design as they have for sale on their web site.


  5. Good Morning from the Uk
    Have enjoyed your site.
    Since the posting of this story I have been watching your site and the as well as the site. The sites disappeared about a week ago. The last I read they were taking a Van into the arctic circle to run on WVO, any news or have they disappeared?
    I have been running WVO since reading your article copying the design from desert trek, No problems at all. I do add 20mm of kero to a litre in winter months but all.
    good keep the site going. You might not hear from a lot of us but we are out there.
    If you hear anything from the Desert Trek duo please post.

    regards Frank

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