New Lamborghini R6 tractors certified for 100% biodiesel

The new Lamborghini R6 models from Australian Lamborghini tractor distributor Inlon have been certified for up to 100% biodiesel use. Their electronically controlled four and six-cylinder Deutz turbocharged and intercooled engines provide performance, reliability, low fuel consumption and low emissions.

Lamborghini R6 tractor

Biodiesel certification of any farm machinery is excellent news for farmers wanting to produce their own fuel.

For those like myself who haven’t looked at a modern tractor recently the new R6 100, 110, 120 – (75kW to 90kW) Hi-Profile range shows just how technologically advanced they’ve become.

Source: Inlon via FarmOnline


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  2. ta fixe
    queria saber mais sobre este tractor.
    pode ser????

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