Alternative Engine Technologies readies for the US Dual Fuel market

Adelaide based Alternative Engine Technologies (AET) have announced that they have successfully entered the market in the USA with their Dual Fuel technology for diesel engines.

At the invitation of their USA based partner AET were asked to supply a hydrogen diesel Dual Fuel system for Galpin Ford (the largest Ford dealer in the US) and Ford Motor Company of the USA to be installed on a Ford F450 pickup truck. This work has been successfully completed and Ford Motor Company have agreed to put AET’s technology on their stand at the SEMA Trade Show in Las Vegas in November this year. Galpin will also ensure it has relevant emission compliance certificates.

AET say that the response to their technology so far has been so good that it is likely that Ford will offer our system as a Factory Approved system. In any event, the exposure at SEMA should generate a huge amount of publicity for AET.

AET have also installed their system on a 2007 H2 Hummer with a 2007 model Duramax engine. It resolved some known problems with the Duramax engine, produced the low end power and torque that the market wanted and did not emit clouds of black smoke. This Hummer will on display at SEMA also.

Source: Alternative Engine Technologies via Adelaide Now


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  2. It seems like hydrogen is such a fantasy…how are we going to make it? And we’ll have to build a whole new infrastructure to deliver it. How ’bout some good ole’ electricity? We’ve already got that infrastructure built.

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