Matra human-electric hybrid bicycle

French design company Matra MS have launched their MS1 human-electric hybrid bicycle at Paris Mondial 2007.

Matra MS1

Matra MS used to make racing cars but are now using their creative energy and technological innovation for designing electric vehicles adapted to new user needs. The MS1 is the start of a line of high-performance electric bicycles and electric quadricyles will mark Matra MS’ entry into this new sector.

Performance details are sketchy but what is being reported so far is that the MS1 has a top speed of 45 km/h. If you exceed that limit the power to the electric motor(s?) is cut so going any faster will depend on how fast you can pedal or the gradient of the hill. The MS1 can apparently travel 100km without pedal input by the rider. The long range is no doubt helped by the fact that it uses regenerative braking to capture energy when slowing down. Rumour has it that an MS1 will set you back €3,500 (AUD5,600). It looks like a great commuter so it would be great if they are sold in Australia.

Source: Motorbiker via AutoblogGreen


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  2. Pls let me know when Matra e-bike is selling in Australia.

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