Wrightspeed X1 – an electric Ariel Atom

The Wrightspeed X1 prototype is a concept car and test platform. It is not a production car and according to the Wrightspeed web site it never will be. The X1 is a proof-of-concept vehicle that will lead to a production car in the future.

Wrightspeed X1 electric prototype

The X1 uses the AC Propulsion 3-phase AC induction motor and inverter built into the chassis of an Ariel Atom. The Atom chassis was substantially modified for the electric drive train, but retains the original styling. The battery supplier and the maximum range have not been listed.

The X1 prototype meets its design specifications of 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds at an equivalent of 1.4 litres/100 km. It has no clutch, requires no gear shifts, and offers precise and immediate control of torque in drive and braking, perfect traction control…first gear takes you to 180 km/h…

In recent track testing, on street tires, it achieved the following performance:

  • 0-50 km/h: 1.35 sec
  • 0-100 km/h: 3.07 sec in 35m
  • 0-160 km/h: 6.87 sec
  • 0-160-0 km/h: 11.2 sec
  • Lateral g: 1.3
  • Braking g: 1.2

Source: Wrightspeed via Cleantech Blog


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  1. das ist eine ganz grosse sache!!! bitte um informationen.
    mfg werner szammer

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