Toyota hydrogen fuel cell vehicle completes long distance test

Toyota announced that an improved version of its FCHV fuel cell hybrid vehicle successfully completed a 560 km road test today by traveling from Osaka to Tokyo on a single fueling of hydrogen. The entire trip was completed with the air conditioner on and with no need to stop for refueling.

Toyota FCHV-5

The FCHV used in the trip is 25% more fuel efficient than earlier versions, due to improvements in the high-performance Toyota FC Stack fuel cell and to improvements in the control system for managing fuel cell output and battery charging/discharging. It also features 70Mpa high-pressure hydrogen tanks capable of storing approximately twice the amount of hydrogen as the previous FCHV’s 35Mpa high-pressure hydrogen tanks. These improvements make it possible to achieve a single-fueling cruising distance of approximately 750km.

FCHV Test Vehicle Specifications

  • Overall length/width/height (mm): 4,735/1,815/1,685
  • Weight: 1,880 kg
  • Seating capacity: 5


  • Maximum speed: 155 km/h

Fuel cell

  • Name: Toyota FC Stack
  • Type: Polymer electrolyte
  • Output: 90 kW


  • Type: Permanent magnet
  • Maximum power: 90 kW
  • Maximum torque: 260 Nm


  • Type: Hydrogen
  • Storage system: High-pressure hydrogen storage tanks
  • Maximum storage pressure: 70 MPa


  • Type: Nickel-metal hydride

Source: JCN Newswire


3 Responses

  1. This is very good news.

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  3. add solar panels to car (FCHV5 fuel cell hybrid)

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