D1 Oils and KeyGene to work on genetic improvement of Jatropha

D1 Oils has signed an agreement with Keygene of the Netherlands, one of the global leaders in the science of genetic fingerprinting, to pursue molecular genetics research in Jatropha curcas. The two year agreement provides D1 with exclusive rights on applied contract research and molecular services carried out by KeyGene on Jatropha.

KeyGene’s genetic fingerprinting technology enables the identification of different Jatropha cultivars through genetic markers similar to commercial bar codes. The technology has the potential to increase significantly the efficiency of D1’s breeding programme to develop high-yielding Jatropha cultivars. D1 will act as the exclusive supplier of selected, high-yielding Jatropha seeds and seedlings to D1-BP Fuel Crops, the company’s new planting joint venture with BP.

Source: KeyGene via Biofuel Review (thanks for the tip Sreenivas)


3 Responses

    We are planting Jatropha for last 5 years in Rajasthan and planted in 6000 biggas.We are working on Banking model(Central Co-operativ Bank granted 100 crore funds for jatropha plantation). We want to work with you ,if there any possibility please call us.


    for Blue Horse Industries and Marketing

  2. Mission Biofuels India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai is into establishment of Jatropha Farms on Contract Farming Model with Farmers in Five States. We have best planting materials coming from well characterized CPTs.

    It is good initiative taken by D1 with KeyGene for Genetic Improvement of Jatropha for Higher Seed Yield with More Oil Content.

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