New Australian biofuels lobby group to form

The Australian Ethanol and Biodiesel Conference in Brisbane this week has resulted in a new Australian biofuels lobby group being formed. The group is the result of The Biodiesel Association of Australia and Renewable Fuels Australia combining and is to be called the Biofuels Association of Australia.

The new lobby group will attempt to combat Australia’s lack of political will to embrace biofuels at a time when the worldwide biofuels industry is experiencing rapid growth. Queensland Country Life quotes Renewable Fuels Australia executive director, Bob Gordon as saying:

We have the situation in Australia where neither the Coalition nor the Opposition has a national policy or strategy for meeting national energy security.

Our industry is taking steps to become more professional with the way it deals with policy development, the way it deals with Government, the way it deals with feed stock producers.

So we hope we will start to see the advantages of an industry speaking with one single voice in this country.

We wish the new Association luck. It appears that in the current political climate they are going to need it.

Source: Queensland Country Life


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