Mitchell Corp convert more trucks to Clean Air Power

In January 2007 Mitchell Corp Australia Pty Ltd (Mitchell), a bulk logistics solutions provider, ordered 50 Dual-Fuel™ systems from Clean Air Power. This contract included an option for a further 20 systems, an option which Mitchell have now taken.

In August delays to installations under this contract were reported. These delays were due to technical issues on some of Mitchell’s vehicles which had previously been fitted with Clean Air Power technology by a third party. Prior to the confirmation of the above order, these issues were resolved under a collaborative engineering project involving Clean Air Power, Mitchell and Orbital Pty Ltd.

The project was mainly funded by the Mitchell and Australia Greenhouse Office and has resulted in many improvements to the Clean Air Power’s Australian software.

Clean Air Power has also advised Australian Dual-Fuel™ customers of a new optional secondary intercooler product which improves the Dual-Fuel™ product performance in conditions of extreme temperature. Mitchell has now ordered 84 of these, 70 for the conversions ordered under the above contract and a further 14 for their existing Clean Air Power vehicles.Following completion of the collaborative engineering project, the rate of installation will now ramp up with all conversions planned to be completed by mid 2008.

Source: Clean Air Power


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