Battery powered PT Cruiser is an air pollution sensor platform

Hybrid Technologies has been awarded a sub-contract by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for provision of an Advanced Roadside Air Quality Monitoring vehicle.

The vehicle, equipped with Hybrid Technologies on-board rapid charger system, was selected due to its zero-emissions, high-speed capacity, charge time, and overall functionality for the EPA’s Near-Road Air Quality Study.

As part of its Near Road Research Program, EPA’s Office of Research & Development (ORD) will use the PT Cruiser to study air pollutant concentrations alongside major roadways, which may be a health concern to people living and working nearby. The EPA ORD research team will use the zero-emission PT Cruiser as the basis for an advanced mobile measurement platform by fitting the vehicle with specialized air quality measurement instrumentation. The GPS-enabled PT Cruiser will provide spatial and temporal mapping of air pollutant distributions near highways allowing the major factors impacting near-road air quality, such as traffic levels, meteorological conditions, and surrounding topography to be evaluated. The zero-emissions vehicle enables EPA’s research since the mobile air quality measurements can be conducted without fear of “self pollution” present with any mobile sampling platform powered by internal combustion engines.

The all lithium PT Cruiser has a charge time using an on-board rapid charge system of 2.6 hrs. Hybrid Technologies originally developed the PT Cruiser as part of a SPACE ACT Agreement with NASA. The large capacity vehicle is currently in use at NASA KSC. The Federal Fleet PT Cruiser, developed by Hybrid, is one of the world’s only production model high-speed electric vehicles.

Source: Marketwire via All Points Blog (thanks for the tip Andrew)


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