Neumann Petroleum to supply biodiesel for Brisbane bus trial

Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman has announced that Neumann Petroleum is supplying biodiesel to Brisbane City Council buses as part of a four-month trial. Councillor Newman says the trial will see diesel fuel replaced with Neumann Petroleum’s B20 blend.

Neumann Petroleum’s E-Gen biodiesel is made from tallow and domestically grown oilseed products such as linseed, canola and cotton mixed with alcohol. It can be used in any existing diesel engine with little or no modification.

General Manager of Neumann Petroleum, Charles Wright, says his company is leading the development of renewable fuels in Australia.

As a Queensland-owned and operated company, Neumann Petroleum is proud to be supplying locally-produced E-Gen biodiesel for the CitySmart Bus Trial.

E-Gen biodiesel is a safe, clean burning fuel that reduces carbon monoxide emissions by up to 25 per cent and breaks down four times faster than traditional diesel. It also eliminates the black cloud associated with diesel engines.

The CitySmart Biodiesel Bus Trial will focus on 25 older buses as the newer vehicles run on CNG.

Source: QBR


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