Toyota and EDF announce partnership for plug-in hybrid recharging

Is this a sign of the future of car travel?

EDF and Toyota have today announced a new technology partnership to evaluate Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) in Europe. The objective is to develop practical solutions for the commercialisation of Toyota’s prototype vehicle technology, which can further reduce the environmental impact of vehicles especially in urban areas.

Toyota Hybrid X

Toyota Hybrid X – The next Prius?

Under the joint agreement, a small number of PHEVs will be integrated into EDF’s fleet and will be tested on public roads in France under every-day driving conditions. Road trials of the PHEV will commence in France in the autumn and may be expanded to other European countries in the future. The vehicles use Toyota’s hybrid technology but with the added benefit that their batteries can be recharged using a standard electrical plug.

EDF and Toyota have also developed an innovative charging and invoicing system, equipped in each of the test vehicles. This system is compatible with a new generation of public charging stations, which aim to make electric power more accessible on public roads and car parks and to reduce the cost to the customer.

Source: EDF via Green Car Congress


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