Scania gives the OK for any biodiesel blend

Scania has become one of the few truck and bus manufacturers to completely embrace biodiesel. Scania operators are no longer restricted to either B5 or B100, and can now use any blend of biodiesel.

Scania Australia National Manager Sales and Marketing John Kananghinis said:

It means that operators who want to use the fuel face very few restrictions. So long as an operator’s engine is fitted with a modern fuel injection system and the fuel they are using meets the Australian fuel standard or the European biodiesel standard, they can use biodiesel with confidence.

Scania engines fitted with unit injection systems can now run on any blend from B5 to B100.

Unit injection is fitted to all modern Scania engines, and was first introduced on the Scania 12-litre engine in 1996. Biodiesel used in Scania vehicles must meet the European standard EN14214. Pure plant oils are not approved for use in Scania engines.

Operators can move to biodiesel in engines fitted with Scania HPI or Scania PDE fuel injection systems without the need to drain the vehicle’s fuel tanks or make any mechanical modification. However, the oil filter and centrifugal oil cleaner must be cleaned after 1000km and subsequently at every oil change. See the press release for more details on servicing requirements and the dangers of water in biodiesel.

Source: Scania via Australasian Bus & Coach


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