United Petroleum begins E10 sales in Tasmania

United Petroleum has announced that it is now selling E10 blended fuel at its Hobart retail outlets and is expecting to begin sales in the North of Tasmania within two weeks.

United Petroleum general manager David Szymczak said the introduction of two ethanol enhanced blends, Boost 98 and Plus ULP, was a chance for Tasmanians to save money while buying a greener and better performing fuel.

Boost 98 and Plus ULP are high performance grades of petrol, both enhanced with 10% ethanol. They are cleaner alternate fuel products produced from a renewable source that will reduce Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Mr Szymczak said using ethanol in petrol improved engine performance, assisted the environment and extended petrol supplies.

The addition of 10 per cent ethanol to petrol boosts its octane rating and its performance. Ethanol contains oxygen and it helps the other components in petrol to burn more completely. Petrol with 10 per cent ethanol blend reduces carbon monoxide and total hydrocarbon emissions, and it contains less toxins and carcinogens than regular unleaded petrol. It also has a cleaning effect on the car fuel system.

Source: Mercury


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