Scooters and motorcycles to go toll free in Sydney?

Soaring scooter and motorcycle sales over the past year have prompted the development of a strategy for toll-free motorcycle access in the harbour city that is similar to that of Melbourne.

Vectrix electric scooter

Peter Thoeming, renowned motorcycling journalist and author, said dropping tolls on the Harbour Bridge and road tunnels would encourage the growth of motorcycle and scooter riders, easing traffic congestion and environmental problems. Motorcyclists now pay the same toll as other motorists.

In Melbourne, motorcyclists don’t pay the toll and Sydney should be the same. Getting around and between the city and its villages, this form of transport makes sense. We just have to provide incentives like going toll-free and providing better parking options.

Sydney needs to triple the number of parking spaces currently available for motorcycles and scooters. This can be achieved through better use of dead streetscape space combined with short-term and on-road parking options.

As well as parking and toll issues, Mr Thoeming’s strategy for the City of Sydney council will examine security and safety as well as the use of electric-powered scooters in the central business district and surrounding inner-city centres.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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