Natural Fuels Australia exports biodiesel from Darwin

Natural Fuels Australia Limited (a 50:50 joint venture between Natural Fuel Ltd and Babcock & Brown Environmental Investments Ltd) has just exported 8.8 million litres (7,700 metric tonnes) of biodiesel from its Darwin facility.

Natural Fuels Australia’s Darwin operation is the largest biodiesel plant in Australia and is capable of producing 122,500 metric tonnes per annum. The plant is selling biodiesel domestically through various distributors including AusFuel Pty Ltd and ConAgra Trade Group.

The shipment is the first ever export of Australian biodiesel and was facilitated by ConAgra Trade Group on behalf of Natural Fuels Australia for distribution in Asia and the USA. The shipment is the first of what is expected over time to become a regular event as Natural Fuels Australia builds production capacity at its Darwin facility.

The export of biodiesel starts a new industry for Australia as the world looks to finding better ways of reducing its reliance on petroleum based energy. The biodiesel being exported has been sourced from members of Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil. As a member of this Round Table attention to sourcing feedstocks from appropriate plantations is part of Natural Fuels Australia’s charter.

The companies recognise that it is vital that production and use of palm oil must be done in a sustainable manner based on economic, social and environmental viability.

Source: Business News, Natural Fuel


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