Quantya electric dirt bikes

Following the interest in the Enertia electric motorcycle we bring you news of Quantya from Switzerland, makers of the Rent and Evo 1 electric dirt bikes. Both models are remarkable for their simplicity. The Rent is dirt oriented while the Evo 1 gets slick tyres supermotard style.

Quantya Rent electric dirt bike

While the 48V electric motor produces a modest 16kW the whole bike only weights 89kg and since maximum torque is produced at zero revs fun factor is obvious despite the maximum speed of 60kmh.

You can ride the Rent model for 30 – 180min per charge. Recharging will take you about 75min and battery life is in the order of 1000 cycles. The Rent costs €7,050 and a new battery pack will set you back a further €2,600.

Source: Quantya (Thanks for the tip Herb)


3 Responses

  1. how much for the bike?

  2. I’m not sure Noah. I suggest you follow the link above to Quantya and contact your nearest dealer.


  3. As part of the sweeping changes being made through various pieces of legislation floating through the U.S. Senate and Congress, fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will soon be eligible for tax credits, including those with two or three wheels.

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