Velozzi micro-turbine hybrid concept car

Velozzi describe their concept cars as a plug-in multi-fuel hybrid electric vehicles. The cars are electric cars driven by AC electric motors which are in turn powered by a lithium-ion battery packs. The battery pack is charged by a micro-turbine capable of running on ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, petrol or diesel. The result is a car that Velozzi say will provide astonishing performance (0 – 100kph in less than 3 seconds) while using between 1.17L/100km and 2.3L/100km.

Velozzi plan to enter both their cars in the Automotive X Prize. The Velozzi X1 will be entered in the mainstream category as it will seat four passengers.

The Automotive X Prize offers a large financial reward to inspire a new generation of viable, super-efficient vehicles that help break our addiction to oil and stem the effects of climate change.

Source: Miami Herald, Velozzi


2 Responses

  1. WHEN?

  2. Velozzi aren’t saying but if you use the Automotive X Prize time line as a guide all entries will need to be ready for qualification by the end of 2008 or early 2009. The Grand Prize is scheduled to be awarded at the end of 2009.


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