Hydrogen home refuelling under development

ITM Power is making good progress in the design and construction of a home refuelling system using an ITM Power electrolyser to convert renewable or off peak electricity into hydrogen. This device depends upon an electrolyser stack of 10kW electrical input operating at pressures of 75 bar.

In conjunction with the University of Hertfordshire, ITM Power has modified a petrol engine Ford Focus to operate using pure hydrogen able to be supplied by an ITM Power electrolyser before switching to petrol. An ITM Power self pressuring electrolyser has now successfully fuelled this vehicle. Drivability in public road conditions when using hydrogen has proved to be excellent.

This vehicle has been refuelled with hydrogen to a pressure of 75 bar for range testing purposes and has exceeded 25 miles on a single charge of hydrogen both when tested on a rolling road, and during testing on public highways.

Later this year, ITM Power plan to publicly demonstrate both the vehicle and refuelling system using electrolyser prototypes that will closely resemble the initial units to be manufactured at the new Sheffield production site.

Source: motors.co.uk, ITM Power


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