FuelVapor offers excellent economy and low emissions

Canadian company, FuelVapor Technologies Inc. (FVT), has a patent pending technology that markedly increases fuel efficiency in current internal combustion engines and reduces emissions. FVT are marketing their technology as a progression beyond fuel injection technology and have built the ale’ three wheeled sports car to show it off.

ale’ three wheeled sports car

The ale’ uses a Honda 1500cc turbocharged engine. The FuelVapor system enables the car to run on a 20:1 fuel air mix (the majority of today’s petrol engines run at 14.7:1) without compromising performance.

With a zero to 100kmh time of five seconds, a top speed of 225kmh and the ability to perform 1.7g turns performance is in high end sports car territory. However, the most impressive part of this is that it does this while using only 2.45L/100km and producing far less emissions than the most economical hybrids without using a catalytic converter.

Source: Gizmodo, FuelVapor Technologies Inc.


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