Enertia electric motorcycle

Brammo are releasing the Enertia Bike for sale in the United States in the first quarter of 2008. The Enertia Bike is a purpose built, fully electric motorcycle. It has a top speed of 80kmh and a range of 70km at 40kmh. The battery pack can be recharged to 100% capacity in three hours.

Enertia Bike

The initial release will feature hand built carbon fibre frames and cost USD14,995. Subsequent versions will forgo the carbon fibre frame with a corresponding reduction in price to USD11,995.

The power is stored in six Valence Technology lithium phosphate batteries that are mounted above and below the frame. The motorcycle is driven by a “pancake type” high output permanent magnet DC motor.

Source: Gizmag, Enertia Bike


7 Responses

  1. check out this swissbike, which soon get’s street authority approval :
    sounds like real fun…

  2. way cool! when it gets down in price, say $ 1500.00 i’ll have one…….f

  3. Frank,
    Given a good mountain bike costs you more than $1500 these days I suspect you will be waiting a long time.
    Yes, these lead products are expensive but the important thing is that they get produced and prove the technology is suitable for everyday use.
    Unless the early adopters buy products like these we’ll be waiting even longer for them to become mainstream and affordable.

  4. looking forward to it. Hope they later drop the price some more though

  5. To me, the moto-cycle doesn’t required that much of fuel, therefore, would it create the fads. Because majority of the cyclist are enjoy the vroooom sound from the fuel’s bike…

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  7. can i buy one in australia

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