BP backs Jatropha as a biodiesel feedstock

BP and D1 Oils have announced that they are to form a 50/50 joint venture, to be called D1-BP Fuel Crops Limited, to accelerate the planting of jatropha curcas. The joint venture has been established in order to make more sustainable biodiesel feedstock available on a larger scale.

Jatropha is a drought resistant, inedible oilseed bearing tree which does not require the good quality soil that would normally be used for food crops. As such it will not promote the rainforest deforestation that has resulted from palm oil plantations being used to supply biodiesel plants.

Jatropha plantation

Image: Tree Oils India

Under the terms of the agreement, BP and D1 Oils intend to invest around $160 million over the next five years. D1 Oils will contribute their 172,000 hectares of existing plantations in India, Southern Africa and South East Asia and the joint venture will have exclusive access to the elite jatropha seedlings produced through D1 Oils’ plant science programme. It is anticipated that some one million hectares will be planted over the next four years, with an estimated 300,000 hectares per year thereafter.

Jatropha oil produced from the plantations will be used to meet both local biodiesel requirements and for export to markets such as Europe, where domestic feedstock produced from rapeseed and waste oil is unlikely to be sufficient to meet anticipated regulatory led demand for biodiesel of around 11 million tonnes a year from 2010.

Jatropha sounds ideal for Australia however, Western Australia has declared jatropha curcas a noxious weed and it is listed as a weed in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

If you know of anyone looking at jatropha planting in Australia please let us know.

Source: BP, Weeds Australia, Biofuel Review


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  1. Hi Luke

    Would you mind acknowledging that the above photograph is taken from the web site of Tree Oils India Limited (www.treeoilsindia.com) under the head – Location?

    I am looking at Jatropha planting in Australia and neighbouring countries.



  2. Hi Sreenivas,
    Acknowledgment complete. Good luck with Jatropha planting in Australia. I would be very interested to hear how you go with establishing Jatropha plantations in Australia.

  3. Hi Luke

    Thanks for the positive and quick response and I sincerely appreciate your understanding. I will keep you posted on further developments.



  4. Hi Luke
    As quite rightly pointed out Jatropha is a declared weed in a number of states and territories and therefore would be difficult to grow anywhere in Australia. Furthermore, the harvesting of the nut/seed is very labour intensive and not suited to high labour cost areas like Australia. It would great to use the oil but it has significant stability problems and must be stored under nitrogen. The biodiesel is also very unstable and must be stabilised in situ which is quite difficult in continuous processors. The best recommendation is to produce biodiesel and use it where it is grown. Hope BP thought about these issues.

    • Can you prove your assertions that Jatropha oil is unstable and needs to be stored under nitrogen, or are you just a stooge for a rival oil company?

  5. You have a good point. Particularly when you read the Natural Fuels Australia exports biodiesel from Darwin article. I’m surprised nobody has commented on the fact that Natural Fuels is importing feedstock and then exporting biodiesel. Why not make the biodiesel where the feedstock is grown?

  6. Dear Mr.Luke,

    We are working with the same pulse, on Biofuel project from Soil to Oil, Base is Jatropha Curcus,

    Region- India
    Target : 01 Lac Hectare Jatropha Plantation,

    And Looking for International Investor,

    Nilesh M.Bobade
    Cell:09225540384 / 09225540383
    Email: ibdc.bmt@gmail.com

  7. We have a new Hybrid of Jatropha, which we called SuperGene.

    The trees are of multi-branch, need no pruning, early fruiting, and harvest round the year.

    All of you are welcome to visit our SuperGene farm in Malaysia, as we are looking for International investors to plant the SuperGene Jatropha.

    We will email pictures of our SuperGene Jatropha to you.

    My contact is

    Thank you.

    Tanny Lee

  8. i was wondering that if we can plant this tyrpe plantation in YEMEN ,as its a terrace cultivation ,barren land and very less water
    can yourself guide on this ,

  9. we wants to plant in yemen pls guide in this metter

  10. As you all know growing jatropha is easy. Some of us are developing hybrids (I have one like the one from malasia). ???What is the oil content??? On another note…Our research on the label of noxious weed and invasive species shows that it is clearly not invasive without optimum cirumstances (and they do occur naturally in some microclimates). Visit bigislandfuelcrops.com for more specific information…Just out of curiosity, how are all of these thousands of acres of Jatropha going to be harvested?

  11. Hi Ted,
    I have confirmed via one grower that the Jatropha crops in India will be harvested by hand as you would expect in a country with such an abundance of cheap labour. However, that same grower told me they were working on the development of harvesting machinery.

  12. […] this link out for Jatropha Curcas plantations BP backs Jatropha as a biodiesel feedstock Envirofuel – Sustainable transport for Australia Its clearly under serious consideration elsewhere with the backing of BP (Not saying if thats good […]

  13. H Luke & All,

    Regarding some of the points on Jatropha that have been brought up on/about 18 July, 2007:

    1. Cost of labor to high in Aussie – Try working it this way (Approximation) Allowing that 2 workers can look after 10 hectares – Salary @ US$1,000 p/w = US$100,000 – Using good plant stock 10 hectares can produce 10 MT’s per year – FOB min US$500 = US$140,000. Can easily be commercially viable.

    2. Jatropha Oil having significant stability problems – Not if it is processed using “modern” technology. I know of a processor that produces “pure diesel” which eliminates all the stability problems in storage and the equipment can operate 24/7 with maintenance only once per year. Is “very” commercially viable – There is no need to make unstable, environmentally substandard and always needs subsidies. Jatropha plantations are generally converted into biodiesel with about 15% loss of volume. This new process does not produce an ester and glycerol but straight light oil (diesel) and has thus a higher yield (about 5% loss), but that is not all. The residual oil in the press-cake as well as the crushed shells as well as the hulls can also be converted. This method can capture about 30% yield from the dry mass of cellulosic material, which is by the way, about double what the cellulosic ethanol proponent’s yield on energy. Additionally, using this new process there is no need to store either the seeds or the oil. And as we all know, the market for the diesel is unlimited and screaming out for supply of this form of fuel.

    3. Regarding producing and using Biofuel where it is grown/produced – Some countries need the income not the fuel and some do not have any requirements (at the moment) for the quantity that they can produce.

    The above should bring a few comments.



    • Peter, Hi I am in Sydney and interested in your processing for bio diesel. can u contact me on amgybb@gmail.com

    • Hi Peter

      I am a late starter regarding bio fuels – refering to your statement of Nov 2007 could you please provide me with the information regarding this new technology, thanks Flip.

  14. Peter wrote, “i know of a process(or)…” on Nov 24th.
    what process is that, are there any intrenet references?

    Mission Biofuels use the Crown process which apparently produces about 10% glycerol.

    Are there any varieties of jatropha which are not regarded as noxious in Australia?


  15. Hi Peter,

    I would be interested in learning more about the straight to diesel process for jatropha…we are looking at traditional processing methods and would be open to a more efficient method of production into diesel.


  16. Yes – Peter, I would be interested in acquiring such processing equipment for central american projects, that are creating jobs for local communities. Please post or email to me the details.


  17. I am very interested about complex use of Jatropha plant with multipurpose applications.
    Hi, Peter, could you co-operate with us in this direction?

  18. Hi: We have been manufacturing biodiesel and utilizing it in our diesel trucks for about a year now. Our oil base is used canola oil. We had a problem with fatty acids, but by cooling the biodiesel and filtering with a one micron idustrial filter, we eliminated the problem. We burn 90% biodiesel with 10 % diesel mix in minus 20C weather here in Canada. We find that there are a lot of people giving lip service about the importance of eco-friendly fuels, but we are finding that there are few that are willing to switch from petro diesel to biodeisel, even though it’s cheaper to use.

  19. Mr. Tanny Lee,

    First of all congratulation for your invention and efforts as you have said that You have a new Hybrid of Jatropha, which you proudly called SuperGene.
    Quite impressed to know that the trees are of multi-branch, need no pruning, early fruiting, and harvest round the year.
    Well acutally I am looking for jatropha seeds in bulk say 1000mT per month in singapore. So tell me what would be your offering price for 1000mT to FOB Singapore.

    Awaiting for your optimistice feedback to come.


  20. DEAR SIRS,
    Inquiry for jatropha feed stock availability for Export to usa & ALSO Looking for International Investor…
    REGARDS RAJ HAZARIKA +91 94355 58488.

  21. To Whom so ever it may concern

    Those who Require Jatropha Seeds in bulk as well as those who wish to do cultivation of Jatropha in their respective country then who do have the germination hybrid seeds also we do have the Jatropha Saplings of 1 years.

    Interested Companies/Government Bodies/Individulas can contact me at “sameer.ruparelia@gmail.com” and my cell number is 0091 92 27 21 36 34.

  22. Mr Tanny Lee.

    I want to first congratulate you on the discovery of a jatropha hybrid seeds. What is the price per Kg. i will like to know more about the properties of the hybrid seed.

    Pls treat urgent

    Dr Kabir Abdulkadir from Nigeria

  23. I am very keen to know if Jatropha can be grown in North East India, say in the state of Assam because we have over 1000 hectares of land available for a good project.

    Any one interested, get in touch

  24. Australia is ideal for oil palm plantations in the NT ,ORD RIVER AREA AND NORTH QUUENSLAND,also has big potentialto increase castor beans ,peanuts and soybeans production giving together with sugarcane and swet sorghum to ethanol plantations,huge agroindustrial potential to its less develop North

  25. We have 3000 acres of land in the Northern Area of Peninsular Malaysia.Our intention is to plant Jatropha curcas. We need funder or investor to partipate in this project.

    Any interested party, pls contact us

    6013-3958508/ hamzah888@gmail.com

  26. Narender,

    Are you still seeking a jatropha project for your 1,000 acres in India. If so I believe I have a company that will invest in this project with you, if you are interested.

    Rob- robatngg@iprimus.com.au

  27. Peter,

    Can I get details from you on this new technology?

  28. I’m new to this biodiesel thing but I would like to make this stuff (for myself). Am I able to put it directly into my diesel car? I know it must depend on refinement standards but generally speaking, is it easy enough to refine to a quality that can be put in cars? Is anyone making a stand alone machine that I can purchase and keep on my land?


    • Hi Alex,
      I would also be interested in using it in my car.Can you share any info on how I can process Jatropha in a small and economical way.

  29. I represent a range of sophisticated investors in Aust who would like to invest in the right project any where in world, however would also prefer an Aust based opportunity. Found this forum excellent…any answers to problems /concerns raised eg fuel stability,quality,mechanical harvesting, catologing of and trial of numerous hybrids


  30. Have a look at Jatoil for an Australian listed Jatropha producing company with Indonesia and Vietnam being targeted for Jatropha plantations. Some good info on the website.

    Cheers Adrian

  31. I also found this forum interesting. I am also interested in investing in an Australian based opportunity. However the Jatropha plant is on the list of noxious weeds in Australia, mainly because of its ability to invade new land with having little or few predators in this country. The main concern is the fact that when the pods mature and explode the seeds are dispersed over a few metres, more in floods and when caught on equipment leaving plantations. This issue could be addressed by appropriate controls regarding enclosure of plantations (which can become expensive) or a safe zone of a few metres (to catch any stray seeds) surrounding the plantation.
    Another alternative for biofuel may be marine algae production which may be more acceptable in Australia.

  32. Hi

    I have a large tract of idle lands in the Luzon area, Philippines which is highly suitable for jatropha plantation, and I am looking for venture capitalists who will consider investment in this area. I am looking for an amount about US$5 million and I will be able to provide proper presentation to such potential investor.

    I have been working and collaborating with University of the Philippines Los Banos College of Agricultural in the propagation and farming system for jatropha.

    I am very confident that this endeavour will bring favorable result and hope you can recommend some people for this purpose.

    Thank you.

    Erli Rivera

  33. Hello Erli Rivera (Stephen Blair and other investors – you may be interested)

    I am a Venture Capitalist based in Sydney, Australia and am willing to hear your proposal. Please contact me via my hotmail address scrivmeister@hotmail.com. I will then give you my contact details. I am currently have mobile technology to process (start to finish) Jatropha on site and will consider a trial if the project suits. The process produces high grade biodiesel suitable for use in cars. If there are any others interested in a VC venture or other potential unique VC related investments, please e-mail your interest.


  34. Hi,

    For those interested in an Australian based opportunity utilizing Moringa Oliefera (not registered weed) please contact at dkmay@multiskilled.net

    There is an incomplete amount of information at


  35. I am a private investor based in the United Kingdom. I focus on seed capital, early-stage, start-up, ventures, LLC and all round completion and expansion of investment projects that need funding. I am interested to invest in your company on a long-term business relationship. If this is alright with you kindly get back to me with more details about your company. Dr. Frank Morgan.(Individual/Angel investor)


  36. Hi, I am the NEW KID planter on the continent – Penang Malaysia.

    I am looking for investor and / or partner to plant the bio diesel plant – Jatropha in large scale with me.

    Next on line will be doing research on the stem cell, cross breed etc.

    Any one interested, please contact me at cwchiu@streamyx.com

    Thank You.



  37. We are interested in the information regarding Jatropha and Moringa. Our company is particularly interested in forming a partnership with an organisation/individual which will result in ecologically sound products and an improvement in the welfare of the local farming population.

    We have land, 25,000 hectares, in an appropriate location in Northern Peru (very close to the equator) where we wish to develop reforestation with Jatropha/Moringa in order to produce clean fuel and to generate work for the benefit of the local population located in the Valley of Piura.

    If you are interested in pursuing this investment opportunity please contact luisvelardec@hotmail.com or invionorsa@invionorsaperu.com.

  38. Hello

    We have 135 acres of land in Jaipur district off Delhi – Jaipur Highway, in India. Plus have access to another 800 acres which can be contracted. We are interested in knowhow and partnership to develop a Jatropha plantation. Anyone interested and / or capable may contact me through my email akitgpl @ yahoo.com. Please remove the spaces in the email address above.


    Ashish Kapoor
    KuKri Ventures

  39. Jatropha plantation investments 170% Nett return, minimum investment amount US$90K over 4yrs.

    US$403k investment return.

    Limited amount available as monsoon rains end


  40. I am concerned that the invasive weed industry – the trendy “scientific” field to be in and therefore the one that attracts government funding – is painting a very black picture of Jatropha as an oil crop. I worked with the plant as an erosion control measure on extremely poor soils in Burma many years ago and found it to be very benign. The scaremongers refer to its toxicity with cattle as being a problem. In Burma it is the universal hedge to control cattle movement, and I didn’t see dead cattle littering the fields – and those animals were hungry! I also didn’t hear of children dying from physic nut poisoning either. It is a lot less lethal than the vehicles its oil may power…
    I have worked with another erosion control plant that the same Invasive Plant “experts” have labeled as being “invasive”. I have either used or studied that plant in 14 countries over the last 19 years and have never seen it being invasive. It is simply NOT invasive – so one can see just how much credibility these so called experts on invasive plants have. Unfortunately the politicians rely on their assessments and make poor decisions accordingly. The agricultural industry in Australia will be the loser while the paid specialists will still be paid and will not be held accountable.

  41. We are going to invest in jatropha planting in Vietnam. The proposed land would be 12 acres for nursery and seedling. We will start our project by the end of this year (2008) and by the end of 2009 we can expand our jatropha field up to 100 acres. Currently, we have some offers from French, Belgium companies for buying jatropha seeds. However, we are in short of fund. Any one has available fund for loan can contact me at huumai204@yahoo.com

  42. Land in India and High germination seeds. Working with top Ten companies in India.

    Our seeds can change the world.

    Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    126, ABC Ground Floor, Near Shai Bag,
    Set. 11, Udaipur , Rajasthan (India)
    T: +91-294-2483162 , F: +91-294-2483215

    R. Office.
    Mr. Bal
    Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    R. Office
    Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    100, Krishi Mandi, Udaipur, Rajasthan (India)
    T: +91-294-2583473 , F: +91-294-2483215

    Ware Houses,
    (A) Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    Teterdy Chorha, Udaipur , Rajasthan (India)
    T: +91-9950500598
    (B) Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    95, Krishi Mandi, Udaipur, Rajasthan (India)
    T: +91-9414156473
    (C) Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    55, Krishi Mandi, Udaipur, Rajasthan (India)
    T: +91-9460795525

  43. We are developing a Jatropha project in Ecuador and have approx. 14.000 ha available. We are looking for financing for some portion or all of this project. If interested in more information, please contact John Murray at jmurray@tropicaloilssa.com.

  44. […] the original post:  Comment on BP backs Jatropha as a biodiesel feedstock by John Murray Tags: are-developing, ecuador, india-based, its-ambitious, jatropha, jatropha curcas, project, […]

  45. Anyone interested in investing in a 100 000 to 200 000 hectaresJatropha project in the Kavango, Namibia could get in touch with me.

    Fanie Brink
    South Africa

  46. Could anyone help me with the technology to detoxify Jatropha seedcake to use it as animal feed???

    Fanie Brink
    South Africa

  47. Anyone interested to give us information on how to plant Jatropha curcas. Where to buy the seeds and to whom can we supply it to. We need this information urgently. Cell: 264 81 226 1411

  48. In Papua New Guinea there are several regions in which tere are large areas of relatively poor soils and adverse climatic conditions. In these areas jatropha may have potential as a commercial crop. They include parts of the Western province, parts of Central, possibly some areas of East and West Sepik, and even some less-populated areas of the Highlands provinces. Some discussion has been going around but without firm development proposals so far. Should anyone come up with a sound investment plan for jatropha in PNG I would like to be involved. I have a plantation and rural projects management background.

  49. I am the owner of a large quarry site in south eastern Australia (just outside of melbourne) where we have approx 200 hectares of land that would seem suitable for the planting of Jatropha. My aim would be to convert the seeds on site and principally use the oil to replace some of the diesel we use in the quarry operations. I also have a potential use for the waste materials. I would appreciate any advice as to wethewr this is a sensible idea. kjarvis@aerolite.com.au

  50. Has anyone read the article prepared for The State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture and The State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism????

    You can find it here:


  51. I am interested in growing Jatropha or similar crop in southern NSW, Australia. Can the seeds be pressed through machinery designed for olive processing?
    Oil crops which don’t require annual re-planting would appear to be a viable alternative to animal based agricultural enterprises.
    I haven’t seen any agronomic info. re: it’s growing/climatic requirements. Can someone point me towards an info. source.

  52. Hi Astralian growers,
    In connection with high costs of labor in Australia for growing jatropha, why not think of having labors from other countries like Vietnam to go there if the project is really on development.
    pls contact thang.le@fanxipang.com.vn if it is of interests, we also have area of jatropha in vietnam

    from vietnam

  53. im from australia and was wondering if anyone knows how to get jatropha seeds in a state where it isnt listed as a weed.

  54. hey bob, I just recieved a shipment of Jatropha seeds from the phillipines to the northern territory. I bought them over the net. I’m not sure if they are going to produce but only time will tell. They were no trouble to import and arrived no problem. As for being a weed, the corrupt aust/american govt can kiss my arse. god bless to all.

    • manyana, SUCKER there is heaps of wild jatropha curcus in NT, QLD, and WA so you paid for and imported a weed from an uncontrolled sorce do you know the damage YOU are now responsible for. Well done fool!!

      to all concerned whilst the Australian company JATOIL is ok, one of the companys it became involved with IS NOT, that is why they (the directers of Jatoil) have now taken legal action against them be warned have no dealings with PT BIODIESELAUSTINDO in Indonesia although some of the directers are Australian they are not worth loosing your money to


  55. Hi Luke,

    We sell many rural properties here in SA.

    I note this plant is tolerant to marginal country – what would be the average annual rainfall required to plant?

    How long until this plant is ready for harvest?

    Is it an annual harvest from then?

    Is it an expensive plant to grow?

    Sounds interesting.


    Nigel Christie
    Hale Real Estate SA

    • Nigel, Jatropha Curcus is a banned weed in Australia NOTE AUSTRALIA

      You are liable for substancial fines for importing it into the country and any one bringing plant stock in from the Phillipines is risking damage to australian farmers point of interest is the Queensland citrus inductry devistated from the importation of root stock from the Phillipenes that had citrus canka all the citrus trees in the region were ripped out and destroyed and they have only just been allowed to restart planting and that happened about 5-10 years ago


  56. Hi, I have posted a link to this post on my blog : lifewithgeckos.blogspot.com

  57. I have a new company registered with the Government of Papua New Guinea and seeking patnership to;
    Plant 100,000 ha.

    The Company name is Jatropha International BioFuel Poject (PNG)

    Any person or company interested pls conteact me

    Mark Gozapao

  58. Hello Luke,

    I want to work out viablity of the project in victoria Australia, i am keen on jatropha plantation and Biofuel production plant both.

    let me know if you can assist.


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