Phoenix electric dual-cab ute and SUV

The aptly named Phoenix Motorcars of California are set to release two electric vehicles later this year. One is a four door pickup (dual cab ute) and the other a mid-sized SUV. According to their web site their target market is fleet operators in the State of California, particularly electric utility companies, universities, and municipal and state fleet operators.

Phoenix Motorcars dual cab ute

Phoenix are estimating production of 500 vehicles in 2007 and 6000 vehicles in 2008. Considering the following characteristics you’d have to think they’re onto a winner:

  • 160+ km per charge
  • Speeds of 150kmh carrying five passengers and full payload
  • High torque: 0 to 100kmh in 10 seconds
  • Long battery pack life: 400,000km /12+ years
  • Off board charger: 10 minutes to recharge to 95% capacity
  • On board charger: 6 hours to recharge from 220V plug-in

Phoenix vehicles use the NanoSafe™ battery, a Lithium Titanate battery technology developed by Altairnano, a leading innovative battery developer. Similar to lithium-ion chemistry, it implements a compound containing titanium that prevents the fundamental cause of uncontrolled thermal runaway.

Phoenix is currently working on an expanded battery pack that will allow a 400km range, while still permitting a 10-minute charge.

Source: Phoenix Motorcars


3 Responses

  1. Just to inform you, the company is based in Ontario, California not Canada.

  2. Awesome idea.

    Love to see it in Aus soon.

    Cav 🙂

  3. Would love to see a plug in hybrid system ,would be ideal for both city and country driving ,especially as there is vast areas in Australia to be covered much greater then 400kms. 600km range would cover most problembs of reaching the next fuel stop , as most petrol cars have this average range. If you could match it , It would be unstoppable. Electric cars can look good.GOOD WORK!!(most are hidious)Tradesman Like me will buy them, no question…we have cheap electricity as we have enough coal for 3000 years and is also a growing factor is wind and solar farms too.You could Increase production to 25000 next year , I believe its a realistic aim ,As I believe the sut will be the more popular model as there is more of a need for a ute in australia, with working families.–> Im suitibly Impressed ,someone out there it thinking out side the square…

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