Smorgon owned Energetix, Victoria’s largest biofuels producer

Energetix produce 100,000,000 litres of biodiesel per annum at their North Laverton production facility. The Laverton North plant uses canola and tallow as its primary feedstock. Energetix also collect about 3000 tonnes of used cooking oil every year which amounts to 10% of their raw material.

The Victor Smorgon Group has licensed an algae based emissions-to-biofuels technology from Greenfuels, a US based company associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Greenfuels process removes CO2, NOx, and NH3 from flue gases, and converts the CO2 into algae. This algae is to be used as a continuous supply of raw material for production of biodiesel and ethanol.

Under this production system Energetix say they are able to produce in in excess of 200,000 litres per hectare of biofuel feedstock. This compares to 1,000 litres per hectare for canola, 5000 litres per hectare for palm oil and 3,500 litres per hectare of corn.

The primary target markets for the new technology are the stationary power stations and other stationary carbon emitters, which represent 62% of all Australian carbon emissions. The goal is obviously to reduce greenhouse gas emission while producing biofuel feedstock that enables the production of alternative fuels at prices competitive with mineral oil at current market prices.

Energetix are trialling the Greenfuels technology at the Hazelwood power station. The firm’s managing director, Mile Soda, says the initial results have been encouraging and that they’ve been able to successfully do is take the oil produced and have Greenfuels turn that oil into biodiesel.

The Victor Smorgon Group have recently begun operation their own service station under the Conservo brand. The service station is located in High Street, Prahan and is selling E10, B20 and B100 to the public.


ABC News – Algae biofuel trials ‘encouraging’

The Age – Smorgon heir puts money into ‘green’ service stations

The Energetix submission to The Inquiry into the Production and/or Use of Biofuels in Victoria


3 Responses

  1. Great stuff, but when and where are we going to be able to buy it at the pumps.
    Regards John

  2. Good point John. The last time I did a search for biodiesel retailers in Victoria I didn’t come up with much.
    Where to buy biodiesel in Australia
    If Energetix are making 100,000,000 litres a year they must be selling it somewhere in Victoria. I’ve sent them an e-mail asking who they sell to. We’ll see what happens.

  3. Visit this link to see an Australian scientist who is skeptical about algae biodiesel.

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