Noosa Council biodiesel trial

Noosa Council conducted a nine month trial from June 2005 to March 2006 to compare the performance of B20 to petroleum diesel in two of the Council’s work vehicles and two Cleanaway waste vehicles that work for the council.

Noosa Council logo

The fuel for the trial was a tallow based biodiesel and the results were compared to low sulphur diesel (LSD) and ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD), which became the standard diesel fuel in Australia part way through the trial.

In three of the vehicles there was a discernible increase in power of around 3% to 8% for the B20 tallow biodiesel/LSD blend compared to the LSD and ULSD. This is consistent with other studies and would suggest that a tallow biodiesel blended with ULSD may slightly improve the power output of the ULSD.

Testing revealed particulate emissions reduced significantly for the B20 tallow biodiesel/LSD blend when compared with LSD as expected.

According to the report the results were deemed to be generally consistent with Australian and overseas studies and as a result Noosa Council are considering switching to a B20 biodiesel blended fuel as a more environmentally responsible, sustainable and cost competitive fuel.

Thanks to Brian Buedeker (Biofuels Consultant) FrontFoot Pty Ltd for making a copy of the report available to Envirofuel. The report is far more comprehensive than this article indicates. We’ve been unable to find a link to the report so Noosa Council is your best bet if you want a copy.


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