Increasing oil prices may produce transport poverty

Researchers at Monash University and Murdoch University have conducted research that shows that as fuel prices increase the poorest Australians will be forced to quit work because travelling to and from their jobs will become unaffordable. They’ve labeled this phenomenon “transport poverty”.

The problems is that low income earners live in the more affordable outer suburbs of our cities. However, the lack of effective public transport in our cities means that they need to drive to get to work. For the majority of them there is no realistic alternative.

What this will mean is that as fuel prices rise a growing number of workers will no longer be able to afford to go to work. This problem is being exacerbated by the unwillingness of State Governments to spend money on much needed public transport infrastructure.

Melbourne is apparently the worst with only 3% of jobs are reachable by public transport if you live outside the inner city. Perth and Brisbane are building rail systems into their outer suburbs but most other cities have nothing planned or are only just starting now.

Source: ABC News


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