Community biodiesel saves the day

ABC News are reporting that the two Pilbara towns of Tom Price and nearby Paraburdoo ran out of diesel fuel earlier this week

Gary Martin, from the local Shire, says the town’s garbage trucks have been using biodiesel made by a local Aboriginal Corporation so household waste could be collected.

The Community Development Employment Project produces 1,000 litres of biodiesel a day in Tom Price. The biodiesel is made from used cooking oil collected from local businesses and camps around town by Community members.

Craig Lovelady, who runs the Project, says the current shortage of regular diesel is proving why the program is an asset to a remote community.

This fuel is used by the Shire and used by the Aboriginal Corporation here and it’s used by a couple of the stations around the area and it makes a difference because we’ve already got people making their own fuel and I think that’s a really, really powerful message.


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  1. Syndicated on the National Biofuels Group forum by Ray Adams.

  2. Syndicated on the Bio Fuels Forum run by the National Biofuels Group.

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