Natural gas buses

Continuing on from the previous post we thought we’d have a quick look at who is using natural gas powered buses in Australia.

Adelaide: Adelaide Metro are currently running 213 natural gas buses. According to this Transport SA web page they are currently evaluating MAN NL 202 CNG powered buses. The web page contains a table showing the significant emissions improvements discovered so far.

Brisbane: Brisbane Transport has purchased 216 Scania L94UB and 180 MAN 18.310 models.

Canberra: Action reportedly have 42 Scania L94UB buses.

Perth: Transperth are purchasing 451 Mercedes-Benz OC500LE buses.

Sydney: STA have 100 Scania L113CRB models operating out of their Kingsgrove depot and are expecting delivery of 255 Mercedes-Benz O500LE models between 2007 and 2011.

Brisbane and Perth have adopted a policy of only purchasing CNG buses in future while Adelaide have trialled B20 biodiesel and are now looking at B100 for their buses.

Like I said at the beginning this has been a quick look. If you can provide more detailed information please do so by leaving a comment or contacting us via the tab at the top of the page.


3 Responses

  1. I have some questions, Are 20-30 seat buses available or being used en-mass using natural gas as fuel. Is so how could I obtain info re efficiency and costs etc.

  2. STA Sydney Buses also has 300 Mercedes Benz 0405NH buses in service at 4 depots. These have been in service since 1999.

  3. Dear Sirs

    We are looking for kits to convert Diesel Trucks to CNG / Diesel (dual fuels)

    Any suggest from your company ??

    B Regards


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